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Water Treatment Chemicals Cationic Polyacrylamide with Great Flocculant

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Product details
Welcome to consult water treatment chemicals cationic polyacrylamide with great flocculant price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd, which is one of the leading water treatment chemicals cationic polyacrylamide with great flocculant suppliers in China and also a productive water treatment chemicals cationic polyacrylamide with great flocculant factory.

Product Detail
Basic Info
  • Model NO.:9698A

  • Acid-Base Property:Flocculant Agent

  • Environmental Protection:Yes

  • Color:White

  • Appearance:Granulars

  • Type:Sewage Treatment Chemicals

  • Trademark:TONGLI

  • Package:25 Kg Kraft Bag

  • Origin:Henan

  • HS Code:3906901000

Product Description
Cationic polyacrylamide
Production Introduction:
Cationic polyacrylamide is a kind of water soluble linear polymer compound, which is composed of cationic monomer and acrylamide monomer copolymerization. It can form hydrogen bond with many substances by the way of affinity and adsorption. Mainly flocculate the negatively charged colloid. Has the functions of turbidity removal, decolorization, adsorption and adhesion etc. Suitable for industries wastewater treatment which organic colloid content is higher, such as dyeing, papermaking, food, building, metallurgy, mineral processing, coal, oil field and aquatic products processing and fermentation etc. especially suitable for the dewatering treatment, such as urban sewage, urban sludge, papermaking sludge and other industrial sludge.
Product Features:
1.Good water solubility, can be completely dissolved in cold water, can dissolve with water in any proportion and insoluble in organic solvents.
2.Shows the characteristics of high polymer electrolyte, suitable for wastewater treatment with negatively charge and rich organic matter.
3. Applicable to a wide pH range.
4.During the process of adding drug, less dosage, the greatly flocculation effect can be achieved with a small amount of product compared with others.
5.At the same time, using the cationic polyacrylamide and inorganic flocculants (polymeric ferric sulfate, poly aluminum chloride and iron salts etc.), the effect is more obvious.
Item Index Item Index
Appearance White Granular Storage life 24 months
Cationic degree % 5-75 Molecular weight(*104) 200-1500
Solid content % ≥90 Insoluble content % ≤0.2
Residual monomer % ≤0.025 Dissolve time(min) ≤50
Main Application
1.Sludge dewatering agent
Urban and industrial wastewater common treated by the way of activated sludge, biochemical sludge is often a strong hydrophilic colloid, high organic content and extremely difficult to dehydration. According to the nature of the sludge, choose the corresponding product of the corresponding molecular weight of the product, can effective in gravity sludge dewatering before sludge into the filter press. When dehydrate, produce big floccules, non-stick to filter cloth, not dispersed during the filter pressing, flow mud cake is thick, less dosage, high efficiency dewatering, the cake moisture content is below 80%.
2. Domestic sewage and organic wastewater treatment
The product showed electropositivity in the medium of acidic and alkaline. So the flocculation, sedimentation and clarification are very effective for the wastewater, which contains the suspended particles with negative charge, such as the wastewater contains all kinds of organic solvents, inorganic and organic sulfur compounds, hydrocarbons, chlorine gas, oil, mercury and other ingredients harmful to the environment. For example, the wastewater of alcohol plant, brewery, gourmet powder factory, sugar refinery, urban sewage treatment plant, carnivorous plant, beverage factory, printing and dyeing plant etc. the effect with cationic polyacrylamide is more than several times or ten times better, compared with anionic polyacrylanide, nonionic polyacrylamide or inorganic salts, due to this kind of wastewater generally with negative charge.
3. Flocculant for tap water treatment plant
The product has the advantages of less dosage, good effect and low cost, especially compound with inorganic flocculants, the use effect is better. It will become the efficient flocculant in treatment the waterworks of Yangtze river, Yellow river and other river basin.
4. Papermaking additives
In the papermaking industry, can directly electrostatic bridge role with inorganic salt ions, fiber and other organic polymer, so as to enhance the physical strength of paper, reduce fiber or inorganic salts or cation. PAM paper strengthening agent is a kind of water soluble cationic polymer containing carbamoyl, can effectively improve the strength of paper, reduce the loss of fiber or filler, accelerate filter water, has the function of enhance, flow aid and filter aid. Can also be used in white water treatment, play an obvious flocculation effect in the process of deinking. In addition, the product also as softening agent, antistatic agent and general bactericide, disinfectant and so on in the process of textile printing and dyeing.
5. Oilfield chemical additives
Polyacrylamide also has a chemical role in oilfield drilling and exploitation, such as it can be used as clay anti swelling agent, oilfield acidification and thickening agent etc.
1. When use, preparation aqueous solution with the water, which neuter excluding salts sundry water is advisable.
2. When the polyacrylamide dissolved, add the cationic polyacrylamide evenly into the stirring water, control well the stirring speed, proper heating (< 60 &#186;C) can accelerate the dissolution.
3. Through the experiment to choose the best pH and amount of use of the product series. Adjust the pH of the treating solution, makes the series of products to give full play to the role.
4. When adding the cationic polyacrylamide solution, should accelerate mixed it with the disposed liquid, reduce stirring speed when the flocculant appeared,  to facilitate the flocculant growth and accelerate it settlement.
5. In general, the solution is used immediately after the preparation, try to avoid using it the next day, not more than three days.
1.Solution temperature. Polyacrylamide dissolved requires a certain temperature to accelerate the speed of dissolution. But the temperature is too high, will make the molecular chain of polymer rupture, reduce the use effect, the suitable solution temperature is 50-60 &#186;C.
2. Stirring conditions. Polyacrylamide dissolved should avoid excessive shear force stirring, the excessive stirring will make the molecular chain rupture, thereby reducing the use effect. Appropriate use the low speed stirring blades for stirring, such as anchor type, frame type, multi-layer plasma type etc. The stirring speed is 60 revolutions per minute. Delivery also should avoid using high-speed centrifugal pump, more suitable adopts the piston pump and diaphragm pump.
3. Evenly disperse feeding. The key link of polyacrylamide dissolved is the evenly disperse feeding. After starting the mixer, it is better to use mechanical vibration sieve feeding (number of the sieve mesh is 10 meshes), should try to avoid forming the insoluble particles such as "big lumps" and "fish eyes", make the polyacrylamide fully dissolved, play the good use effect.
4. Avoid contacting with the iron. In the system of dissolution, stirring, delivery and adding, it is better to use the materials of plastic, enamel, aluminum and stainless steel etc.
5. Keep the operation place dry, avoid polyacrylamide scattered on the ground, in case of slippery conditions, should be cleared in time, prevent slippery fall.
Package & Storage
The product packed with the kraft bag with plastic coated, lined with plastic bag, net weight is 25 kg per bag.
Storage in the cool, dry place, note rainproof, moisture-proof, prevent sun exposure, the shelf life is 24 months.